ℹ️ Use to easily work with a query string of URL.


URLSearchParams defines utility method to work with the query string of a URL.


Let's imagine we have an iframe that we configure with help of the query string inside this URL:


Now we need to get our configuration and we can do the following:

const searchParams = new URLSearchParams(window.location.search);

const config = {
  id: searchParams.get('id'), //-> 123
  langauge: searchParams.get('locale'), //-> en_US
  /* We also don't need to use decoding to get value with symbols 🔽 */
  color: searchParams.get('color'), //-> #2364AA

// ✨ `URLSearchParams` interface allows to do more things:
/** Check if search parameter exists */
searchParams.has('id'); // true
/** Remove search parameter and it's value from the list */
/** Append a specific key/value pair */
searchParams.append('title', 'Awesome Title');
/** Get string containing query string suitable to use in a URL */
searchParams.toString(); // language=english&color=&title=Awesome+Title

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